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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The trouble is not with your television set...

Where have We been, you ask?  Otherwise occupied.  However, now that We have returned, We find We are having Technical Difficulties.  (You may have noticed that today's epistle bears no resemblance to epistles past.)

Ordinarily, We type this whole mess out in Micro$oft Weird(TM), then copy it over here.  However, Our current problem is this:  Micro$oft Weird(TM) won't let Us copy anything out of it.  Not with control-C, not with the mouse, nor any of the other ways one can copy.  The clipboard remains empty when We try it (also when We cut (control-X).  Although, when We cut, the text does disappear.

And this is a specifically Micro$oft Weird(TM) problem.  We can copy from anywhere else, and We can even paste said copied things into Micro$oft Weird(TM).

We only discovered this problem when We had half a horoscope typed, which is why We didn't start over in here.

Do any of You Lovely People have any idea how to fix this problem?  (Obviously, We could uninstall/reinstall Micro$oft Orifice(TM),  but if We've just accidentally checked some "don't allow copying" box, We'd rather not do that.  (Why is Google Chrome telling Us that "uninstall" IS a word, while "reinstall" isn't?  That doesn't bode well...))

At any rate, please respond if you have any clue (or even if you don't...We're bored.)

EDITED TO ADD: We realized that, while We had closed and reopened Micro$oft Weird(TM), We had not yet rebooted the entire computer.  Problem solved.  But still...the fuck?  Anybody got a likely explanation?

Alternatively, go watch this: