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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tiptoe through the tulips with me

Hello, Ducks!

Starzina Starfish-Browne here with your Eric’s Daily Horoscope for SaturnDay, April 28, 2012.  When the hell is UranusDay, that’s what We want to know.

Above, of course, is the twelfth installment in Our duodecad (We feel smarter every time We say that), Starzina’s Time of the Month Horoscopes: Taurus.  Below is a retrospective of How We Got Here.

We would be extremely grateful if you would share this video with your friends by putting this link on their SitOnMyFaceBook pages.  In fact, for every time you share this video, We promise not to eat one Ethiopian child for lunch.  Put THAT in your soup dish and slurp it, Sally Struthers.

Also, stay tuned to these pages as early as tomorrow for A Very Important Announcement regarding everybody’s favorite sketch comedy group, the WaitStaff.  Here’s a hint, for astute readers Of A Certain Age:  Gene Rayburn.

(What the hell is a stute?)

Here’s that retrospective…click on a video or two.  Tiptoe through the tulips of the past:

GEMINI:  Where it all began.  Gad, We were windy back then.  The most memorable thing for Us about this e-pissode was an on-set accident that occurred just before We began filming, in which We smashed Our nekkid left big toe into a piece of furniture.  So, in Our opening credits sequence, which appears in each and every video, when you see Us walking down the stairs, it will amuse you to know that Our left shoe is full of blood, Our left big toe is swollen to the size of Daniel Day-Lewis, and We are in terrible pain.

(How many of you perverts are now trying to figger out what exactly the size of Daniel Day-Lewis is?)

CANCER: All We remember about these next two is that, in a burst of efficiency and brilliance on the part of Our director, We shot them both on the same day.


VIRGO: Never ones to rest on Our laurels, We decided to change it up for Virgo, which was also the first clear indication of the serial nature of Our storyline.  The appearance of The Angel in the thumbnail for this video predicktably piqued Our audience’s interest (see what We did there?).  We are pretty sure We shot Libra on the same day.


SCORPIO:  We definitely shot these next two on the same day.  We are particularly enamored of the Halloween art direction in Scorpio, especially the pre-credit teaser.  Pre-credit teasers become more common from here on out, while the reading of the birthday wishes is retired in favor of a scrolling list.  Also, the cameraman character becomes gradually more defined, in anticipation of his upcoming special e-pissode.

(All of these musings are available to be quoted(for a small fee) as footnotes by those doing masters’ theses or doctoral dissertations on the subject of Starzina’s Time of the Month Horoscopes.)


CAPRICORN: Here is the aforementioned special cameraman e-pissode.  This was so much fun to shoot, and We mostly recall Our director making one impossible thing after another happen with demented ease and glee.  (“Demented ease and glee” really should be the name of something…but what?)  In addition to its contribution to Our storyline, it is funny to Us that this is, quite parenthetically, Our Christmas e-pissode.  Merry!

AQUARIUS:  This is Our last “normal” e-pissode, and, as such, We have almost no recollection of actually shooting it:

PISCES: We were so fortunate to get to work with Barrymore-Award-winning actor, Michael Doherty, on this e-pissode.  Because We’re connected like that.  Some day, he will be famous, and he will have to pay Us a metric fuckton of money to destroy every copy of this video and deny that it ever existed.  No amount of money, however, can cause Us to unsee looking down his pants:

ARIES: And, of course, Our most recent effort prior to the incipient Taurus, which caused one Gentle Reader to inquire who the actor playing Our mother was.  Sigh.

And We’re outtie!  Happy weekend!

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