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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good-bye, Miss American Pie

We had exactly eight seconds to sit down at the computer before embarking on today's adventures, and Our Google-O-Meter(TM) informed Us that someone had been reading Our e-pisstlles in Chinese (which see: ).  When We got to the Chinese page, Google ever-so-kindly asked if We would like to translate it to Engrish.  The following is the result:

Hello, duck!

Of here Starzina Starfish Browne and Eric Daily Horoscope for it is FryDaddy ™ Gawd 2011 Twoth.Blair's birthday, happy, has been turning the 24-state across the La Pittsburgh today. And happy birthday in advance of our of Sistah Ovella of rotating 24-this weekend, and there was Blairs group all her own.("Group" is any question of the the Blairs correct collective nouns? Geese come in geese (and, presumably, in other goose), and crows came in the murder (and, presumably, in other crows), Blairs obvious come in groups (and presumably ... well, you know). driving my group to the dam in my Chevy, and all that.)

We just learned that apparently today is the birthday of Britney Spears. She was thirty. Her name is "Presbyterian" an anagram. We do not know how to deal with any of that information.

And that is we have almost all. We wake up in the dirty sense of humor this morning, has been aroused, we reproduce by the nightmare of recurrence believe, we believe that the last stopped.And it is clearly outside of the nuclear winter. And we have any number of chores, errands and tasks to complete before the approaching arrival of the holiday. (Now we know what you think. (Oh, yes, we; us is spiritual.) Do you think, "errands, chores and tasks What's the difference?" So, much like the geese come in geese, and crows come murder, was shut down, you are annoying.)

Speech Uranus, `Round all your from the inside how to pull your head and go watch this:

And then share it with your friends:

When the moon resting halfway between the two places of your inn and Jupiter is locked up in prison, to what promises to buy votes is the best Christmas sketch comedy EVAH (serious confrontation written ... Jesus , and Mary once appeared, of course, Santa Claus and his friends there, and the Duchess, Marie and Bev is), Tuesday, December 20 8PM the Helium Comedy Club: The real housewives of South Philly's occupation of Christmas ): 

And now, free of charge. Charlene Tilton, reference.Après, HorrorScope:

 You need today from the point (do you go out in the party? The you unpoopular?)

- As little as possible to attempt to do. (Very good, unlike the Blairs, do not do these chores, errands and tasks themselves. (Any people now pixturing the do the Blairs? Us? Alrighty, then.))

(We hope at this point that, Although our Blair, and, indeed, we of Sistah Ovella the Blairs are male, do of the pixturing Blairs is a multi-purpose fantasy as we of Sistah Ovella the Blairs original Blair cape Most people are not actually named Tony Blair, according to rooming with her ​​in school and in thelife of the female Blair reference , roommate of Ovella is dubbed Blairs, because they are not the most sure Jos, Natalies or tooties. (it happened to us, episode (hence the brackets) plural "Tooties extraordinary is stupider.) our own Tony Blair, is actually named Blair, is not sure by Jo, Natalie or Tootie.)

(Not you glad we cleared all for you?)

(Orange you glad that we did not say banana?)

If you can avoid (how about the nightmare?)

And even friends, (Why do we avoid our friends? Like these (and frenulums needs enemas?))

You are at your best. (Well, that there? Poor.)

It may be a good time alone to rest and recharge.(Indeed, because, if this is "our best", something to be changed.)

Stick to your side in this strange time to stay next to your side, give up your all doubt about their (Wait ... the donkey (tromalogical) Ho (roscopulist) suddenly have to go all the reassurance we? Jigga what?)

However, you need to beware of they crawling disappointed. (Ah, that is more like they are by our side, but they want to kill us. And the advent of the telephone from the house inside.)

They are impatient than you, (there is no possible.)

And could use your perspective dose (kiss our fast, we are the MC the Escher. (Please, Escher, and without prejudice to `em.))

Calm them down. (Well, then? Gawd do, Valium, ™.)

Indicated that they light the end of this tunnel. (Of course it is called Uranus.)

If the thing is particularly unknown in the love department, (wait ... there is a whole department?)

Your well-intentioned the efforts it will only lead to further confused. (As our ongoing efforts to turn the chicken shit into chicken Ding Shala, we now pixturing the quagmire of wrestling the Blairs. You are welcome.)

Committed your time to improve your love karma by others hands. (We even need to put a joke here?)

************************************************** ***************************
Starzina good starfish Browne was born in the wagon of a traveling show ... well, not really. She Lowake, Texas, beautician daughter was actually born and garage mechanic or town postman. In the sixteenth, she escaped through the escape of her humble beginnings and Browne of the Traveling Medicine, Show, and more to the point, Dr Browne, a doctor. After the dissolution of this unfortunate tangle (Browne, a doctor is a Virgo, and of course, Starzina Aries), producing a daughter in the Soap Opera Digest, Starzina participated in the competition and won a scholarship to Oxford (yes, in the UK) , in which she won her double major doctorate in astrology and the gender of the new manufacturing. No absolute truth the rumors Starzina second daughter with royal blood, although the tabloids shoot alleged description of jumping Harry Prince William and Italian Riviera, only to wear in a suspicious taste Prussian armor and armbands. Starzina currently living in Philadelphia with her daughter, love your city (you) behind, which she enjoyed the helmsman of the double coupon days at local SuperCruise and encourage Penn rowing team.